Circular Economy Ontology Network (CEON)

The Circular Economy Ontology Network (CEON) provides a shared vocabulary for representing information about circular economies in the form of a network of ontology modules.

The figure below shows an overview of the topics covered. The lines between the boxes represent some common-sense relations between the topics, which are represented as formal relations within the actual modules, such as owl:import or specific object properties connecting concepts inside the modules. The light blue box (location) is not part of CEON, but instead reuses a standard geographical ontology such as the OGC GeoSPARQL standards.

The set of core modules that are in this release of CEON forms a set of generic reusable ontology building blocks and include Circular Value Network, Actor, Process, and Resource (Material and Product).

Ontology pattern or module Docs Version
actor html, pdf 0.1
actorODP html, pdf 0.1
cvn html, pdf 0.1
material html, pdf 0.1
process html, pdf 0.1
processODP html, pdf 0.1
product html, pdf 0.1
resourceODP html, pdf 0.1
value html, pdf 0.1